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Our brand and product philosophy are two simple but highly effective sentences: We develop innovative and practical solutions for wood processing companies all over the world. We combine practical functionality and ease of use with timeless design and the proverbial durability. Since we have been working according to this credo for over 95 years, we can fall back on immense experience and competence. We want to provide you with a perfect tool. A tool that is easy and safe to use - and that ensures the highest processing quality and thus the solid basis for your business success.

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Sliding tabel saw T60A

The sliding table saw T60A is the ideal introduction to the premium class from Martin. It does its job – simply and well. The compact design of this saw is also highly effective in places with limited space. We bet that you will be more than happy with your quietly purring saw blade, the precision sliding table or the extremely easy-to-use rip fence.


Sliding table saw T60C

T60C is the ideal entry into the premium compact class. It strikes a perfect balance between price and performance, because all the key components of the cirtcular saw T60C are designed as you would expect from a MARTIN machine. If a higher price does not directly reflect a higher performance, the T60C intentionally makes a “more compact” choice.


Sliding table saw T65

MARTIN has re-defined the premium compact class with the sliding table saw T65. This is because the T65 combines traditional operation with state-of-the-art electronic support. It therefore offers you quick, precise and efficient operation. The proven 5.7″ touchscreen control unit is at eye level, and provides you with appropriate and clearly structured support in all your operating and work processes.


Sliding table saw T70

Like any Martin, the T70 is built for maximum performance inside and out. The sturdy mechanical design is complemented perfectly by the unique user-friendliness of the sophisticated 10.4“ touchscreen controller. The reason for this is that we not only set standards in technology but also in operation: You are appropriately guided through all the operating and work processes – even individually customised if desired.


Sliding table saw T75

We have incorporated a great many innovative solutions in this premium sliding table saw, so that you have free reign. For example, the circular saw T75 PreX enables you to execute any mitre cut on the cross-cut and rip fence in the best way for your tasks and the material to be processed. This is possible because we have combined a cutting height of more than 200 mm with a swivelling range of 2x 46° for the first time anywhere in the world.


MARTIN T45 Thicknesser MARTIN T54 Planer

Smooth results with the right thicknessing planer – soon also in your workshop? The T45 thicknessing planer provides you impressively silent with a perfect planing result. In this respect, the T45 offers ideal conditions for modern production: It supplies cleanly planed surfaces, is quick and easy to operate and offers ideal value-for-money.